Transporters as Drug Carriers

Transporters as Drug Carriers

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This reference handbook is the first to provide a comprehensive overview, systematically characterizing all known transporters involved in drug elimination and resistance. Combining recent knowledge on all known classes of drug carriers, from microbes to man, it begins with a look at human and mammalian transporters. This is followed by microbial, fungal and parasitic transporters with special attention given to transport across those physiological barriers relevant for drug uptake, distribution and excretion. As a result, this key resource lays the foundations for understanding and investigating the molecular mechanisms for multidrug resistance in cancer cells, microbial resistance to antibiotics and pharmacokinetics in general. For anyone working with antibiotics and cancer chemotherapeutics, as well as being of prime interest to biochemists and biophysicists.Fujiwara, K., Okabe, M., Onogawa, T., Suzuki, T., Nakai, D., Shiiba, K., Suzuki, M., Ohtani, H., Kondo, Y., Unno, M., Ito, S., Iinuma, K., Nunoki, K., Matsuno, S., and Abe, T. (2000) Molecular identification of a rat novel organic anion transporteranbsp;...

Title:Transporters as Drug Carriers
Author:Gerhard F. Ecker, Peter Chiba
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-09-03


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