Transition to Hydrogen

Transition to Hydrogen

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This book is a comprehensive and objective guide to understanding hydrogen as a transportation fuel. The effects that pursuing different vehicle technology development paths will have on the economy, the environment, public safety and human health are presented with implications for policy makers, industrial stakeholders and researchers alike. Using hydrogen as a fuel offers a possible solution to satisfying global mobility needs, including sustainability of supply and the potential reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This book focuses on research issues that are at the intersection of hydrogen and transportation, since the study of vehicles and energy-carriers is inseparable. It concentrates on light duty vehicles (cars and light trucks), set in the context of other competing technologies, the larger energy sector and the overall economy. The book is invaluable for researchers and policy makers in transportation policy, energy economics, systems dynamics, vehicle powertrain modeling and simulation, environmental science and environmental engineering.(2007). Technical Summary. Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the ... Steinbacher, M., Fischer, A., Vollmer, M.K., et al. (2007). Perennial observations of molecular hydrogen (H2) at a suburban site ... Optimum battery size for fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle with transient loading consideration: part II. ... On implementation of dynamic programming for optimal control problems with final state constraints.

Title:Transition to Hydrogen
Author:Alexander Wokaun, Erik Wilhelm
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-10-06


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