Transforming the Center, Eroding the Margins

Transforming the Center, Eroding the Margins

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Transforming the Center, Eroding the Marginsis a collection ofcritical articles about recent and contemporary German literaturedesigned to stimulate discussion about German-speaking culture from thepoint of view of diversity. The combination of broad historicalapproaches and detailed textual analyses made it possible to present inthis volume a spectrum of identities and positions within theGerman-speaking sphere, and sometimes even within the work of a singleauthor. Examining the works of German-speaking authors of differentbackgrounds and countries of residence from many different points ofview shows that the very concept of a unified qGerman Cultureq is aconstruct.Because of the increasing visibility of various ethnic, religious, cultural, and economic groups -- including migrant workers, exiles, and immigrants -- multiculturalism and cultural diversity inCentral Europe have received considerable attention in public debatesince the disintegration of the Eastern bloc and the fall of the BerlinWall. Yet neither cultural diversity nor the gender issues examinedthroughout the volume are recent phenomena. Upon closer scrutiny thenotions of center and margin are shown to have origins in the nineteenthcentury and before.The articles in this volume, distinct in theirapproaches and each one concerned with specific situations, reveal anongoing decline of mainstream discourse: the erosion of the culturalqcenter, q and a strengthening of what continues to be referred to asqmarginal.q The literary and intellectual production of groups that areseen as marginal is becoming ever more compelling and visible, as isdocumented in Transforming the Center, Eroding the Margins.She directly juxtaposes, for example, her reading of Kolmara#39;s ceuvre as largely autobiographical with quotes from Kolmar ... have investigated Kolmara#39;s work using a variety of feminist, historical, psychological, or deconstructionist theories.

Title:Transforming the Center, Eroding the Margins
Author:Dagmar C. G. Lorenz, Renate S. Posthofen
Publisher:Camden House - 1998-01-01


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