Transformational Change in Higher Education

Transformational Change in Higher Education

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This is a compelling and important text that presents both the complexity and the barriers confronting higher education in this global moment. Solutions will prize innovation, resilient leadership unifying diverse campus subcultures, and most certainly intellectual and academic integrity. This text begins to outline the new agenda. Richard Guarasci, Wagner College, US In Transformational Change in Higher Education, the TIAA-CREF Institute has brought together some of today s best minds to address the issues that every educational leader and policy maker should be thinking about. The topics range from financing to competition to financial aid to costs and pricing to faculty turnover to accountability to the roles presidents and boards must play. Lessons in transformation are provided by respected leaders from all segments of higher education. George R. Boggs, American Association of Community Colleges, US This is essential reading for everyone who cares about the future of higher education and is a priceless reference for those who are its leaders. The conversations not only cover each issue from a national perspective but also consider the specific strategies that have been employed by individual institutions to address it. Thus the volume is at the same time both reflective and practical. Sharon P. Smith, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, US This volume delves into the financing of institutional operations with entrepreneurial leaders and is a useful addition to any university administrator s reading list if they are struggling with modern financial challenges. David W. Pershing, University of Utah, US The volume, part of the TIAA-CREF Institute Series on Higher Education, is based on a national conference, Transformational Change in Higher Education: Positioning Your Institution for Future Success, which was convened by the TIAA-CREF Institute in November 2006. This unique volume discusses the management of transformational change in higher education as a key element of success. With input from researchers, presidents, provosts, and other senior leaders of the higher education community, this edited volume explores transformational change in a range of institutions from small teaching and community colleges to large comprehensive research universities. The role of entrepreneurial leaders and their interactions with trustees, policymakers and the public, are discussed, as are strategic issues such as financing college and university operations and student access, as related to pricing. The editors maintain that managing change in these areas impacts both an institution s balance sheet and ultimate success in realizing its vision. In this book, higher education presidents, chancellors, provosts, CFOs and governing boards will find new and actionable information to enhance decision-making and inform strategic planning. Association leadership will be provided with a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by their membership and possible responses. Researchers and practitioners in education, public policy, business, management and entrepreneurship interested in the business of higher education will find much of value.Positioning Colleges and Universities for Future Success Madeleine da#39;Ambrosio, Ronald G. Ehrenberg ... 118 budgeting systems 75, 86, 87 Burke, J.C. 85 business plans 76 California State University, Long Beach 5 Callan, Patrick 7, 9 Carnegie, Andrew ... 19 measures of success of 26 partnerships with 58 retaining state control of 95 transfer to public universities from 13, 106a€“8, 110 tuition and fees foranbsp;...

Title:Transformational Change in Higher Education
Author:Madeleine d'Ambrosio, Ronald G. Ehrenberg
Publisher:Edward Elgar Publishing - 2007


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