Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing

Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing

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Service industries have traditionally lagged manufacturing in adoption of quality management strategies and Six Sigma is no exception. While there are a growing number of books on applying the hot topics of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing concepts in a manufacturing environment, there has not been a mainstream book that applies these techniques in a service environment, until now. Transactional Six Sigma and Lean ServicingTM: Leveraging Manufacturing Concepts to Achieve World Class Service is a ground breaking qhow-toq book that serves as a practical guide for implementing Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methods in a transactional service oriented environment. It uses real case studies and examples to show how Six Sigma and Lean ServicingTM techniques have been implemented and proven effective in achieving substantial documented results. Lean ServicingTM is the author's own term used to describe the application of Lean Manufacturing concepts to transactional and service processes. Liberal use of examples, graphics, and tables will assist you in grasping the difficult concepts. Transactional Six Sigma and Lean ServicingTM covers both theory and practical application of Lean ServicingTM, Six Sigma DMAIC and Six Sigma DFSS concepts and methods so you can implement them effectively in your service organization and achieve reduced costs and a new level of service excellence.Leveraging Manufacturing Concepts to Achieve World-Class Service Betsi Harris Ehrlich ... Specifically, survey data can define and prioritize the key elements that contribute to customer satisfaction. ... Relationship surveys ask questions relating to the entire relationship with the company whereas transactional surveys askanbsp;...

Title:Transactional Six Sigma and Lean Servicing
Author:Betsi Harris Ehrlich
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-06-13


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