Train of Consequences

Train of Consequences

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qEntertaining and heartfelt ... thoughtful and empathetic ... well worth a read.q a€”Kirkus Reviews It is early 1991, and Shelton Cole has just turned thirteen. Barely surviving the aftermath of a car accident that has killed not only his brother but also his parentsa€™ marriage, Shelton is thrilled when he becomes instant chums with Richie Kemp, a transplant from New York who has moved to New Hampshire with his mother to escape the stigma of his fathera€™s imprisonment. But after Richiea€™s mother marries a man who revels in abusing Richie, the two troubled teenagers decide to embark on a journey that will change their lives forever. As the two boys begin a life on the run, an old drifter takes them under his wing and introduces Shelton and Richie to an underground society of vagabonds, opening the boysa€™ eyes to a strange new world and unwittingly setting the course to a horrific chain of events that soon spiral out of control. Seventeen years later, Shelton returns to New Hampshire to fulfill a childhood promise to Richie. As he is flooded with buried memories, Shelton must face the demons of his tragic past before he can move forward. Train of Consequences is a captivating thriller that highlights an unforgettable coming-of-age journey of friendship, misconceptions, and discovery.Ia#39;m just glad Ia#39;m friends with the guy who did it, a€ I admitted, laughing. Richie joined ... a€œBut it will cost you. ... Like, you know, like you just did with Wuzzy? ... The blue Honda Civic had pulled out, and several other cars had come and went. ... Then he told me how he got the cut on his lip; from the zipper of Wuzzya#39;s Starter jacket, of all things. All the while, we wisecracked at each other and swapped arm punches; however, when I next saw Richie, it was under much darker circumstances.

Title:Train of Consequences
Author:Tom Jarvis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-04-03


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