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From the banks of the Mississippi and from the shores of the Mediterranean to the Chicago of Al Capone they came: Landino from his native Italy and Eleanor from her home in Iowa. Each had been drawn to the glamor of the city. Instead they had fallen prey to the influence of the Capone Mob as it was spreading its criminal activities throughout Chicago. After escaping from Caponea€™s grip, Landino and Eleanor meet in a gold mining town in Montana. But, the tentacles of Big Al persist as the two try to carve out a new life for themselves in Montana.Then they went behind the store and Moretti started up thetruck, and had his new employee get in and see if he could drive it. a€œThis is my Chevy one ton utility truck , a€ he said proudly. a€œThink you can drive it? Ita#39;s a 1926 three speed.a€ a€œYes, sir.

Author:Paul Krebill
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-06-26


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