Trading as a Business

Trading as a Business

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Discover what legendary trader Dick Diamond knows about tradingthat you dona€²t Trading as a Business: The Methods and Rules Ia€²ve Used ToBeat the Markets for 40 Years gives you a behinda€“thea€“sceneslook at how Dick Diamond has become a successful independent traderfor more than four decades. This vital resource reveals Diamonda€²smethods for analyzing the market and knowing the right time to getin and out of trades. With this book in hand, youa€²ll be able to tapinto Diamonda€²s strategy of 80/20 trading which offers an 80% chanceof making a winning trade. Diamond also includes his six statisticsthat are critical for determining where the stock market isheaded. This book is written for anyone who wants to learn the methods, tools, and techniques that will transform them from an ordinaryinvestor into a trading force in the marketplace. Once you masterthe trading secrets from Dick Diamond, you will have the ability tomake money in a business where you call the shots. Filled with Dick Diamonda€²s trading secrets for beating themarket Includes a wealth of trader strategies including Diamonda€²s80/20 technique Discover how to identify and take advantage of the marketa€²s buyand sell zones Learn what it takes to become an independent trader who makesmoney over the longa€“haul Break free of your old trading habits and discover DickDiamonda€²s tools and techniques for financial freedom.I read whatever books I could find on technical analysis at my local library and elsewhere. I subscribed to a weekly charting ... In the 1960s, we had the so- called a#39;a#39;nifty fiftya#39;a#39; that drove the market higher and higher. In the 1990s, newly formedanbsp;...

Title:Trading as a Business
Author:Dick Diamond
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-01-20


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