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Legal and commercial aspects with particular attentionto chemicals, chemical specialties and allied products, including a list of trade-mark and trade-name productsand their suppliers - Contents - Preface - Introduction - Legal AspectsRules of Practice in Trade-Mark Cases - Forms for Trade-Mark Cases - qLanham Actq-New Trade-Mark Law - Some Decisions of the United States Courts - Difference between Trade-Mark and Trade Name - Qualifying a Trade-Mark for Registration under theqLanham Actq - British Legal Requirements - Registration Procedure - Protection of Trade-Marks Abroad - Coining of Trade-Marks - Types of Trade-Marks - The Perfect Trade-Mark - Selecting a Trade-Mark - Surveying the Field - The Making of Words - Beautiful Names - Short Names - Indirectly Descriptive Names - The Series of Trade Names - Use of the Name Finders - Trade-Marks Derived from Foreign Languages - Latin and Greek Words - Five-Language Dictionary - International Trade-Marks - Trade-Mark Dictionaries - Trade-Marks Classified According to Meaning (Type) - Old Trade-Marks - Trade-Marks Classified According to Industry - Books and Trade Papers Listing Trade-Marks - Trade-Marks Referring to Chemicals and Allied Products - Alphabetical List of Trade-Marks - Alphabetical List of Trade-Mark Owners - Composition of Trade-Marked Products -legal and commercial aspects with particular attention to chemicals, chemical specialties and allied products, including a list of ... SYMMETRY, BALANCE AND DISTINCTIVE OUTLINE Some words when written in script have a distinctive outline, e.g., C O T Y; others must be ... Many words, of course, combine these features.

Author:Harry Bennett
Publisher:Chemical Publishing Company - 1949


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