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An ancient throne reveals forgotten tales of the bravest and noblest of kingsa€”Vikramaditya When Upaa€™s father gets kidnapped from the tiny village where he was working, Upa and her mother move to her great-grandmothera€™s house in a small town, to recover from the shock. There the dejected and worried mother and daughter are befriended by an odd-looking stranger who insists on telling them stories of King Vikramaditya and his long-lost throne. Centuries after Vikramadityaa€™s death, King Bhoja unearthed his magnificent throne and decided to make it his own. But each time he set foot on it, a statue carved on its side came alive and told him a story of Vikramadityaa€™s kindness. The statues warned Bhoja that he should sit on the throne only if he could match Vikramaditya in his deeds, and each time Bhoja came away humbled. For whether he was diving to the bottom of the seas to discover fantastic jewels, or deflecting the planet Saturn from its path in order to save his kingdom, or simply trying to help a miserable cow fallen into a ditch, there was never one to match Vikramaditya in courage and generosity. As Upa and her mother listen to these magical stories they begin to see the goodness in the people around them and recognize the relevance of the tales of King Vikramaditya in their lives today. Thought-provoking and always entertaining, Poile Senguptaa€™s retelling of these ancient stories makes them come alive like never before.... water, towards hermother andthe doctor andhis herbs and books, as an elongated car lurked at thearchof Copper Chimney ... but Bachchan BachchanAmitji had been whisked inside and the crowd inhales deeply of airconditioning and reshmi ... She went to the blackboard and sketched a diagram of singleeyed Cyclops.

Author:Polie Sengupta
Publisher:Penguin UK - 2012-02-01


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