Tournament Poker: An Emotional Contact Sport

Tournament Poker: An Emotional Contact Sport

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Because pokera€”particularly as it is played in tournamentsa€”is not a game of chance but one of skill, it should not carry the stigma of gambling. This is the argument made by author Arthur Stovall, PhD, a longtime poker player who encourages beginners to get involved. He explores the idea of poker as a sporta€”one of emotional contact rather than physical. It requires players to understand strategy, recognize their own skills and those of others, and be ready to take advantage of a winning process at identified decision points without hesitation. You can earn a seat at the final table by learning how to a€c prepare yourself for the pageantry of tournament play; a€c bluff players into thinking you have a better hand than you do; a€c employ aggression combined with strategy for maximum effect; a€c recognize your strengths and weaknesses; and a€c understand winning-card combinations. Poker involves technical skills such as strategies of deception, progressive betting, and knowledge of offensive and defensive positions. To be a successful poker player, you must study the craft and develop an emotional ability to make the moves that are necessary to win. Embrace the behavioral and mental skills you need to compete with more experienced players, and win the ultimate prize with Tournament Poker: An Emotional Contact Sport.The difference is, quickly discard the two in-position cards as soon as an opponent bets and the probability of a positive ... The winning process also includes the importance of in-position only draw cards, discussed in the chart analysis below.

Title:Tournament Poker: An Emotional Contact Sport
Author:Arthur Stovall, PhD
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-06-03


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