Touched By Love (10 Mind-blowing Paranormal Tales)

Touched By Love (10 Mind-blowing Paranormal Tales)

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The perfect mix of romance and suspense, with a generous helping of magic, vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters! Touched by Love: Twelve unforgettable tales by some of today's best young adult paranormal romance authors. Over 2000 pages of YA Romance and Teen Urban Fantasy to keep you breathless, sleepless and wanting more. These books have collectively received tens of thousands of 5-Star ratings a reviews. Significance by Shelly Crane Saving Caleb's life instantly changes Maggie's life. They are meant to be soul mates, but powerful forces are determined to keep the two of them apart. Relentless by Karen Lynch Sara's powerful gift forces her to live a double life as she searches for answers about her father's death. Her separate worlds collide as a sadistic vampire sets his sights on her. Can Nikolas protect her from her new enemies? Deep Blue Secret by Christie Anderson California teen Sadie James is saved by a mysterious boy with crystal green eyes, a boy who refuses to tell her his name. Her pursuit of the boy drags her into a world of dangerous secret agents that she never knew existed. Broken by Dean Murray Adri Paige's move into a new town lands her squarely in the middle of a war. Adri will be forced to choose between Brandon and Alec. One wants her dead, the other is trying to save her. Even more worrisome, neither boy is human. Runes by Ednah Walters Raine's attraction to Torin St. James was distracting even before he saves her life. By healing Raine, Torin changes something deep inside of her. Now Raine and her friends are in dangera€”she'll have to choose sides and the wrong choice will cost Raine her life. Hope(less) by Melissa Haag Gabby just wanted to escape to college. She didn't count on being dragged into a hidden society where fur is optional or on Clay following her back to college. Can the two of them work together to get answers to their questions? Entangled by Nikki Jefford Unexpected events leave teenage witch Graylee Perez stuck sharing her sister's body. Graylee will have to solve the mystery of her death in what little time she has left. The real question is whether warlock Raj McKenna will help or hinder her in those efforts. Kindred by Erica Stevens One of the last in a long line of vampire slayers called Hunters, Cassie chafes against the expectations of the other Hunters. Darkly handsome Devon seems like exactly the distraction she needsa€”if only he didn't have dangerous secrets of his own. Ignited by Desni Dantone Kris Young is on the run from forces she doesn't understand. Her only hope of salvation is Nathan, the mysterious figure that has saved her life four times in the last fourteen years. Nathan will introduce her to a world where nothing is as it seems, a world where not even their hearts are safe. Bound by Prophecy by Melissa Wright Aern's only job: protecting the chosen, the key to an important prophecy. A slim brunette in borrowed jeans should be the least of his problems, but therea€™s something about Emily he just cana€™t put to rights. The fact that she's the chosen's sister just makes things all the more complicated.The tires were the biggest Ia#39;d seen on anything outside of a tractor, and the lift kit on it was so outrageously tall that I was pretty sure someone was going to have to lift me into the cab. By myself it was going to take a rope and climbing shoes.

Title:Touched By Love (10 Mind-blowing Paranormal Tales)
Author:Shelly Crane, Karen Lynch, Christie Anderson, Dean Murray, Ednah Walters, Melissa Haag, Nikki Jefford, Erica Stevens, Desni Dantone, Melissa Wright
Publisher: - 2015-04-30


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