Total Leaders 2.0

Total Leaders 2.0

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Total Leaders 2.0 is the twenty-first-century's quick guide to leadership and successful change. It places the best thinking of several dozen, cutting-edge leadership and change gurus of the past two decades into an integrated, compelling, easily understood, and practical leadership framework: the Total Leader 2.0 Model. The model's five domains and fifteen performance roles enable leaders in any field of endeavor to systematically address the challenges of organizational change in today's technologically-driven, dramatically changing world-what the book's first two chapters vividly describe as the Age of Empowerment. This new edition of the widely read Total Leaders book: 1) significantly deepens the theoretical grounding and applicability of the original Total Leader Model, and 2) expands its connection to other significant dimensions of leadership, professionalism, personal empowerment, learning, life, and change. This book provides education leaders with a powerful 'outside the box' perspective on today's pressing educational issues and a systematic process-called strategic design-for moving their organizations from an Industrial Age grounding to an Age of Empowerment way of educating for the twenty-first century.Think Apple Inc. and the iPod, iPhone, and MacBook Aira€” classy design is the new difference. ... it this way beforea€ in Empowermentland, you know it means a€œ Expect our goinga€” outa€”ofa€”business sale any time now! ... Prime examples: can customize sera€” vice to its more than three million customers daily.

Title:Total Leaders 2.0
Author:Charles J. Schwahn, William G. Spady
Publisher:R&L Education - 2010-04-16


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