Toronto Neighbourhoods 7-Book Bundle

Toronto Neighbourhoods 7-Book Bundle

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The Toronto Neighbourhoods bundle presents a collection of titles that provide fascinating insight into the history and development of Canadaa€™s largest and most diverse city. Beginning with histories of Canadaa€™s longest street and the early days of what was once called York (The Yonge Street Story, 1793-1860; A City in the Making; Opportunity Road), the titles in the bundle go on to examine the development of particular unique neighbourhoods that help give the city its character (Willowdale, Leaside). Finally, Mark Osbaldestona€™s acclaimed, award-winning Unbuilt Toronto and Unbuilt Toronto 2 go beyond history and into the arena of speculation as the author details ambitious and possibly city-changing plans that never came to fruition. For lovers of Toronto, this collection is a bonanza of insights and facts. Includes A City in the Making Leaside Opportunity Road Unbuilt Toronto Unbuilt Toronto 2 Willowdale The Yonge Street Story, 1793-1860A City in the Making / Unbuilt Toronto / Unbuilt Toronto 2 / Leaside / Opportunity Road / Willowdale / The Yonge Street Story, 1793-1860 Mark Osbaldeston, F.R. ... (Various memoranda from the Interior Decorating Bureau to the Board of Directors, 1931a€“34.) Bird, Alf. a€œFirms solve challenges posed by old foundations.

Title:Toronto Neighbourhoods 7-Book Bundle
Author:Mark Osbaldeston, F.R. (Hamish) Berchem, Frederick H. Armstrong, Scott Kennedy, Jane Pitfield
Publisher:Dundurn - 2014-03-14


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