Topics in the Theory of Chemical and Physical Systems

Topics in the Theory of Chemical and Physical Systems

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The workshop s aim was to bring together chemists and physicists with a common interest in the quantum-mechanical many-body problem, in order to foster conceptual and methodological development for the understanding of the structure, dynamics and properties of atoms, molecules, and the solid state. This underpins many of the new emerging fields of science and technology: molecular engines, nanomaterials, responsive structural materials, synthetic bio-materials, drugs, and so on. Among the themes discussed at this forum were such advanced topics as hyperspherical coordinates in the dynamical treatment of three-body systems; multicomponent many-body methods in the simultaneous description of electronic and nuclear motion; structure and dynamics of metal, non-metal, and ion-molecule complexes; shell effects in core ionization energies; high spin multiplicity electronic states, and the magnetism of molecular crystals.The nucleus creation operators, a+P , a+Q , ..., are represented by arrows leaving the nucleus vertices. ... One-nucleus interactions The one-nucleus interactions that can arise in energy diagrams are classified in Figure 2 according to the level anbsp;...

Title:Topics in the Theory of Chemical and Physical Systems
Author:Jean Maruani, Souad Lahmar
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2007-04-03


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