To the Left of the Microwave

To the Left of the Microwave

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In a world without solace, the girls and women in these ten tales grapple with the meaning of their daily lives. An unemployed realtor challenges herself by helping an ex-felon learn to read. Two feisty PhDs with a housecleaning service confront a request to do more than scrub away grime. A solicitous housewife seeks to gain her familya€™s attention. The eclectic characters in this collection contend with the classic, American quest after freedom while struggling for validation of their existence.Nothing provided a more dramatic entry to a city than the Lincoln Tunnel: winding down through the immense walls of rock, the Trade Centers ... the tunnel, wonderin why water never seeped through and if fish ever accidentally swam through the Cracks and flopped alongside the cars. ... Lucy always had well manicured nails, and that day she had a French manicure. ... No, Lucy thought, they would have a difficult time waking up to the woman lying in a shell in the middle of a jungle.

Title:To the Left of the Microwave
Author:Lisa De Niscia
Publisher:Whitepoint Press - 2011-07-05


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