To Princess From Krug

To Princess From Krug

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Dale was seventeen when the Second World War had finally ended. After the end of the war, he eagerly set his sights on higher learning and began to pursue his own lofty personal goals, in a peacetime America. In 1950, after the Korean War erupted into the lives of the, still battle-weary people of the United States, young men were targeted, once again, by the United States Military. Dale had just turned twenty-two years old. Much attention has been given, of late, to letters written by the men who served in the Armed Forces, of the United States, this past century. I believe that in my letters, written by a raw young sailor, a€œKruga€ to a€œPrincess, a€ one might be able to gain much insight, on what many of the young men, like Dale, went through in those uncertain times. Dale labored to write Connie a daily letter. Depending on circumstances, he sometimes could only write every two or three days, but most of the time he maintained his daily schedule, of notes and letters. Some of a€œKruga€™sa€ letters, from the war zone, were lost before they reached me, but because of the frequency of his writing, most came through to me. So, even though a few letters were lost, I still have a steady diary, of a€œKruga€™sa€ day-to-day activities in his first year of life in the Navy, at the beginning of the Korean War. Dale dedicated himself to motivate me to, want to, wait for him to come home to our marriage, by keeping my interest in him, alive. He worked hard, to make his beautiful love notes, both interesting and informative in reading content.I remember coming by your house that morning, of the day, I left for the Navy. You had been resting and I held you ... Flag raising is at 8:00 am. A drill period, including marching and manual of arms, follows immediately, after the flag ceremony.

Title:To Princess From Krug
Author:C. M. Krueger
Publisher:Author House - 2002-11-26


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