To My Left

To My Left

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a€œIt was my duty to write this book because I have two children in their twenties facing, like all their peers, the most difficult labor market since the Great Depression. I act on my responsibilities because I belong to a certain generation of the Western Left who believed that they could improve society using the market and globalization. I wanted to browse my family album, with a bit of the Italian left, to understand the reasons for our defeat, then open a new page. Plutocracy, technocracy, populism, and authoritarianism are the evils that threaten our democracies. Italy is a small laboratory riddled with these pathogens. Having lived decades as a globalized nomada€”in Europe, America, Asiaa€”I have the duty to say what happened to my countrya€™s image. From my observation post in the Far West, I can tell what the costs of the Berlusconi era are. Is there still hope? Drawing on my experiences in emerging countries, from Asia to Brazil, I have concluded that our way out of these problems lies to our left.a€... without factories or manual labor, populated by a€œknowledge workers.a€ The crisis which erupted in 2008, and which is still ongoing, was an entirely different thing. ... the problem of a€œlimits to growtha€ (as it was defined in the prophetic report published by MIT a€” Club of Rome in 1972) was ... Chinese and by one billion two hundred million Indians, who back in the 1970s didna#39;t even dream of owning a car.

Title:To My Left
Author:Federico Rampini
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2013-08-27


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