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T.L.C.: Tender Loving Crimes relates a story that could happen anywhere. A male nurse begins working the fourth floor of a VA Hospital serving veterans. He requests the night shift. Suddenly, a number of patients start dying on his shift. The unusually high death rates are noticed by a pharmacist who tells his supervisor, but nothing is done. He goes over his supervisor's head, and still nothing is done. Then the pharmacist goes to the police and an investigation is ordered. When the statistics are examined, a correlation is found between the deaths and the nurse's shift. The nurse is fired, as well as the pharmacist! The whistleblower goes back to Chicago, leaving behind his fiancee and his dreams for their future. What happens in the next hospital where the nurse applies some TLC? About the Author: Greg Amato of Chicago is a pharmacist and accountant by training. He has worked with a major drug company, a large insurance carrier and a major consulting firm. He served the IHS (Indian Health Service) with the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservation in the Southwestern U.S., and was a clinical pharmacist for a large VA Hospital.He has kayaked down the Mississippi River, bicycled across Iowa and climbed the Commander Glacier in British Columbia. Publisher's website: www.SBPRA.com/GregAmatoa€œWell, I can do more for you if youa#39;re a member of the union than if youa#39;re just an employee.a€ a€œHow do I get that ... Anyway, I had to go, so I stood up and took a last sip of my coffee. I wondered where ... of Columbia. He also had a cool motorcycle a€”a Honda Shadow Ace Tourer, the motorcycle Harley Tender Loving Crimes 187.

Author:Greg Amato
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2012-05-01


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