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qAre you overloaded with credit cards and being ripped off with late payment and over-limit fees? Are you being ripped off by Banks with overdraft and ATM fees? Have you, like most of us worked for a pay-check all your working life, living from payday to payday, trying to make a decent living and raise a family?. Then by the time you get all the bills paid you are not only broke, but a few more thousand dollars in debt? Are you losing thousands of dollars each year to taxes? After years of experience dealing with high taxes, tax penalties and tax strategies, and the rigors of taxual abuse, I have devised a plan for recycling your money. Does it seem like the more money you earn the less you have, then by April 15th every year you owe more and more of your hard earned money for Income taxes? Then does it take about all you can rake and scrape to pay the extra tax bill you have incurred from the extra income? Have you noticed that the more money you earn the more Social Security and Medicare taxes you pay and every year the contribution limit on Social Security increases? If you are interested in a few tips and strategies for keeping a good percentage of your money and a plan to create wealth, then this book is for you.When I asked what the cost of diagnosing and fixing the problem would be, the technician told me it would be anywhere from $69 to $169. ... The mother board was bad, the hard drive was going bad and according to him about everything you could imagine was wrong with this computer! ... When I arrived at the shop the stage was already set, my laptop was on the counter and a brand new laptop rightanbsp;...

Author:Garland Shewmaker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-09-30


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