Tiny Worlds

Tiny Worlds

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Successful nature photographer and lecturer Charles Needle often asks students in his workshops if they understand the difference between a€œlookinga€ and a€œseeinga€. The difference he is pointing out is that while we are constantly a€œlookinga€ at countless people, places and things, we might not be actually seeing what is right in front of us. Being tuned into this difference can elevate your art as a photographer, allowing you to be more in tune with your surroundings. Needle has applied this concept to his work and it shows. Utilizing macro photography to capture the nuances of the nature all around us. In this extensive handbook, Needle covers not only his philosophy for seeing and capturing nature photography but delves into the equipment he uses. Needle covers composition, flash techniques, the fundamentals of macro photography and so much more. The book features many set-up shots, equipment shots and sequential shots detailing the progression towards creating the final images. This essential text provides both the inspiration and the technique required to beautifully capture the wonders of nature.... cord, Canon 500D closeup filter, circular polarizer, iPhone 5, CanonG12, SinghRay VariND filter, and cablerelease. ... A cable releasethat can be lockedis agood choice forthose timesyoumight wish to shootlong exposures ina€œbulba€ mode .

Title:Tiny Worlds
Author:Charles Needle
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2014-10-20


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