Timeless Rose

Timeless Rose

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When Elena was eight years old, her father took her demon hunting for the first time. When she was ten, she had her first kill. When she turned seventeen, she discovered just how connected she was to the demon's world. Elena never questioned her duty as a demon hunter, until that duty suddenly went from part time job to life consuming. After losing her family and being sent to live with a suspicious foster family, Elena is learning quickly that not everyone in her life can be trusted, and not everything she believes is true. After discovering the truth about her own past, Elena is faced with a destiny set in place hundreds of years ago. With the help of a seven hundred year old angel and the son of her enemy, Elena must learn to embrace her past and connect with her own soul. She is the only one who can protect this world, not only from demons, but an ancient evil even more fearsome than the creatures she hunts.As much as Elena loved her Corolla, she had to admit, the Porsche was a very smooth ride. The leather seats werena#39;t as comfortable as the Corollaa#39;s worn leather, but still nice to sit on. Upon turning onto Elenaa#39;s old street, she wondered howanbsp;...

Title:Timeless Rose
Author:K. A. Greenough
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-08-20


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