Time - What It Is - How It Works

Time - What It Is - How It Works

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The mystery of time has baffled physicists for more than 100 years. Thousands of pages have been written on the subject and in each case the focus is on the clues, mysteries, puzzles and paradoxes and in the end a€b all unresolved. If you thought Einstein cracked the problem of time, think again. He barely opened the door. Brian Greene of string theory fame asked some of the worlds leading physicists a€œwhat is time?a€. This is what they said: Janna Levin of Columbia University responded with a€œWe'd like to corner time as a thing but it defies that by being momentary, by only having definitions that harken back to notions of time itself.a€ Alan Guth of MIT, one of the creators of a€œInflationary Cosmologya€ said a€œTime... that's the $64, 000 question to physics.a€ David Albert of Columbia University said a€œTime is the thing that everyone knows intimately until you ask them to tell you about it.a€ Max Tegmark of MIT admits that a€œThere is basically no aspect of time that we fully understand.a€ In a brief 8 pages, this article makes the subject of objective physics (vs theoretical physics) available to any layman with a scientific curiosity. In the first 2 pages the reader will a€œget ita€ and with only a bit of determination will be able to follow along as we a€œdo the matha€ and address the last hanging questions. In the end I think you'll agree that this opens the door to some very new physics and also that a€œTime, what it is and what it does is as obvious as the wheel.a€In our day to day experience, if we did not take the information given to us through our senses as authoritative we might ... that subjective experience via our senses does not cloud the objective truth with intuition, opinions, guesses or authority.

Title:Time - What It Is - How It Works
Author:Jack Martinelli
Publisher:Jack Martinelli - 2015-03-27


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