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Tillman explores the psychopathy of serial murderers. Abused early on, the killer shoots his maternal grandparents in cold blood. Later arrested and tried, hea€™s found insane and committed to a mental institution. Deemed a€œcured, a€ the killera€™s released and returns to his mothera€™s house. There, he transfers his boiling rage at his mother to naAmve coeds who he strangles in a bizarre ritual. The killer looks normal, but just below the surface lurks a sexual sadist who shows no remorse or empathy for his victims. At first the police are baffled by the discovery of two female torsos, but soon begin to connect the dots and zero in on a suspect already known to the police. Fearing capture, the killer decapitates his mother and her best friend then makes his escape to a remote mountain cabin where the end comes in a hail of gunfire and smoke. A faceless serial killer from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, dismembers his victims after first strangling them in a demonic ritual that borders on the macabre. As body parts begin to pile up across two states, detectives begin tracking down their killer who transfers his rage at his mother to innocent coed hitchhikers. Trolling for victims in a modified van, the killer plies his trade in the dark of night only to be tripped up by an overdue parking ticket. As the police close in on their a€œperson of interest, a€ they find hea€™s disappeared only to reappear in a remote mountain cabin. What happens next is straight out of todaya€™s headlines.Tillman explores the psychopathy of serial murderers.

Author:Tom Owen
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-12-11


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