Tiem Mechine

Tiem Mechine

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Kenny has just bought a time machine at a yard sale. After conducting some initial tests to verify that he actually purchased the ability to travel through time for just two dollars, he sets out to fix his past and prevent himself from becoming a single, recently unemployed loser. But upon arriving on his eighteenth birthday, he meets another time-traveling version of himself. And another...and then another. Some of his clones seem to have less than admirable ambitions, but there are so many of him running around that Kenny can't keep track of who is who and, more importantly, which of his selves he can trust. This wacky and increasingly confusing adventure involves an alien marketing consultant, our hero's foulmouthed but loyal roommate Travis, and a whole lot of Kennies all struggling to use the past to build themselves a better future.And the user manual had been very clear on the machine being designed for singleperson use anyway. I swore to myself in the halfdarkness as I sat ... Travisa#39;s big black Chevy Equinox rolled up. It was a midsize SUV, but it had always seem anbsp;...

Title:Tiem Mechine
Author:Alex Hansen
Publisher:Alex Hansen - 2014-08-20


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