Tidewater Blood

Tidewater Blood

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Set in Virginia in the 1980s, Tidewater Blood opens at the annual LeBlanc family celebration. Rich, pretentious, and proud, the LeBlancs operate a prosperous plantation and celebrate their heritage each year in grand old Southern fashion on the mansion's portico. But this year, the front of the mansion explodes and everyone on the portico is instantly killed. As the dust settles, all fingers point to embittered brother and ex-con Charles LeBlanc, who lives as a hermit outside town. When it seems he's going down on a murder rap, Charley flees to begin his own investigation. Charley must win the trust of one person after another--from his frat-boy lawyer to an old backwoods woman harboring a special hatred of the LeBlancs. Charley solves the crime moments before he faces imprisonment, but not before he learns long-hidden secrets about that illustrious LeBlanc blood. Crisp and cinematic, Tidewater Blood is a riveting and tightly constructed thriller. qA first rate, page-turning thriller.q --George Garrett qLimpid and swift-moving, with a full complement of understated surprises: an exemplary presentation of the innocent man on the run for readers who want more texture then they can find in The Fugitive.q --Kirkus Reviews qThis is a gripping read.q --Library Journal A MYSTERY GUILD SELECTION... to North Carolina, staying off Interstates, and then turned west along winding narrow roads that led into small, drab towns where lonely lights burned in darkness. ... Around a curve the bar-lighted Cougar waited, parked on the far side of the road. ... I cocked a foot on the Jeepa#39;s doorframe and slumped as if easy riding.

Title:Tidewater Blood
Author:William Hoffman
Publisher:Algonquin Books - 1998-01-04


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