Through My Classroom Door

Through My Classroom Door

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In Through My Classroom Door, an Oklahoma teacher shares the humorous highlights and entertaining anecdotes from her long career that began in a one-room schoolhouse and came to a close at the University of Central Oklahoma. Edith Bell Poe brings her classrooms to life as she relays true stories that provide a heartfelt glimpse into the life of an educator. Such tales include her first day as a teacher at the tiny school in Soonerville, Oklahoma, when her students peeked in the door and ran away laughing. Five-foot-four-inch Edith later discovered that a school board member had told the children that the new teacher was a large mean woman who ate children for breakfast. Edith also shares the poignant moments when she witnessed the trials of a handicapped student and the time when a principal gently advised her that she would never be able to help all her students. From the middle-aged man who worked for three long years to learn to read, to the accelerated student who desired freedom from the bounds of a curriculum guide, Edith's anecdotes will inspire both new and seasoned teachers as well as students to persevere through all the challenges of the classroom.Children entering third grade sometimes have difficulty understanding the subject matter of science, social studies, ... These same subjects have been presented in story form in grades one and two. But later ... 2. Read. the. chapter. outline. (if. one. is. present). 3. Look carefully at all illustrations. (These are not fillers. Chapter 2.

Title:Through My Classroom Door
Author:Edith Bell Poe
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-03


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