Through Angela’s Eye

Through Angela’s Eye

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Through Angelaa€™s Eye is the untold, inside story of Operation Firewall.a€ After a series of unfortunate changes in circumstances, my life took an unwelcomed turn. What started out as my personal battle against those terrorizing me by stealing my identity through my personal computer turned into the largest case of identity theft in United States history! Not only did the computer hackers cause me financial distress, but they threatened my life! Not only did I get mad, but now I was determined to get justice. Little did I realize that my journey would lead to the exposing of corruption within our own government up to the vice president and president of the US and continued right up to the UN! Once the first domino fell, a series of events began to unfold. Operation Firewall began in July 2003 as an investigation into access device fraud before expanding into an investigation of global credit card fraud and identity theft. This case led to the inception of many laws being placed on the books to prosecute those who were perpetuating the crimes. The removal of spyware, malware, and malicious web sites that were trafficking in stolen identities, spam, hacking and even pornography are some of the positive results. My account of a€œOperation Firewalla€ will make Watergate look like childa€™s play. It has led to over 4, 000 cases and well over 64, 000 arrests as of December 2005. The ramifications of this case will go on for years to come. As a result of the investigation, over $260 billion per year is being saved by taking these criminals off the streets. It was a war that was fought without weapons but used computers coupled with a womana€™s intuition and common sense! Here is the inside story of a€œOperation Firewall, a€ case number SSC_2003R01260 as told by someone who is seeking Divine Justice.How to Hack Hotmail or Yahoo! ... You can use your Hotmail address to get a Yahoo! address and vice versa also. ... On the third line, type your password. And on the fifth line, type the e-mail address of the person you are trying toanbsp;...

Title:Through Angela’s Eye
Author:Angela Hart
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-12-08


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