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You don't HAVE a soul; you ARE a soul! By decoding the deeper meaning of the six letters of THRIVE and recording them at the core of your being, you can change your life around from merely surviving to a thriving adventure. You are placed on this planet to flourish. If it is not a reality for you, find out why and use the six keys in this book to open the locked areas of your life and find inner peace and abiding joy. Refuse to be lobotomized by society. Transfer your troubles to the cosmic container and flow with the ethos of the universe. You have a sorry-side but bank on your glory-side. Flush your mind with meditation fluid and throw away the medication bottles. Make sure your soul-switch is ON and activate your amazement APP. Don't duck the D word or fear the F word. Copy and paste your hopes and dreams to the cosmic canvas and watch what happens--you will be surprised!Mrs. Grazinski sued Winnebago for not putting in the ownera#39;s manual, a warning: Do not leave the drivera#39;s seat whilethe cruise control is on. A juryin Oklahoma awarded her $1, 750, 000 plus a new motor home! Winnebago actually changedanbsp;...

Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2014-11-13


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