Three Days in May

Three Days in May

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A veteran journalist continues his a€œexhaustively researcheda€ (The Guardian) investigation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn Here investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein casts fresh doubt on the events surrounding a now-infamous sexual encounter between Dominique Strauss-Kahna€”better know by his initials, a€œDSKa€a€”and a Guinean-born maid at New Yorka€™s Sofitel hotel. Epstein shows that DSK, then managing director at the IMF and a leading contender to unseat Nicolas Sarkozy as president of France, was under close surveillance both before and after the incident. Just two days before, French authorities intercepted a sensitive phone conversation with DSK in Washington, DC. It looks as if he was carrying his own bug: a smart phone. The surveillance also continued to New York: as Epstein shows, the staff of the Sofitel can be seen watching DSK throughout his stay. Also examined is DSKa€™s BlackBerry cell phone, which was likely compromised by French intelligence. Just before DSK left the Sofitel, the phone went missing, and it has never been found. Included in this ebook edition is a collection of documents related to the case, including key-card records (tracking who entered DSKa€™s suite) and never-before-released CCTV surveillance footage. DSK also goes on the record about the case for the first time with an American journalist. Epstein shows that if there was a conspiracy against DSK, as many now believe, it was an after-the-fact one in which DSK's political opponents learned of the sexual incident at the Sofitel through surveillance and shaped it into a major scandal that changed the course of French politics.BlackBerry could also electronically determine that the GPS signals on DSKa#39;s phone had abruptly stopped at 12:51, indicating either that the battery had run out or that the GPS ... At 3:33 P.M., police and security staff, using a security electronic key, then reentered the presidential suite. ... a problem because my flight leaves at 4:26 P.M.a€ He was reassured that someone could bring it to the airport in time.

Title:Three Days in May
Author:Edward Jay Epstein
Publisher:Melville House - 2012-04-27


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