Thoughts and Gleanings

Thoughts and Gleanings

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In this volume are the Bible answers to many of the questions some may have about some of the teachings in the Scriptures. What is Goda€™s desire and purpose in creation? What is the gift of God the Father? Of God the Son? Of God the Holy Spirit? What is the relationship of God, Satan, and man to one another? Who is God the Holy Spirit, and what is his work? Was Satan created? Will mana€™s soul/spirit exist forevermore? What is the origin, the purpose, and the destiny of man? What is sin? What is death, physical and spiritual? Who is the source of all lies and all evil, wickedness, and sin? Who is the source of all truth, logic, reason, and all that is good, righteous, and wise? What is the cause of all sorrow, suffering, pain, sickness, and death? Whose sins are washed away? Can one be pleasing to God and be a soldier, a policeman? Does God desire/approve of any person enslaving another? Is man under any law from God today? Is man shaped by nurture or nature? What must one do to be saved, have his sins forgiven, and live forevermore in heaven with the godhead three? What is the power of God that can save the soul to live forevermore in heaven? What are the a€œthings which must shortly come to passa€ a€œfor the time is at handa€ and revealed by signs to the Apostle John by Jesus Christ? (Revelation 1:1a€“3)Some were using our equipment and one customer, Gesel Group a Yugoslav company was operating in Iraq near Mosul, the site ... They were having some problems with tool breakage and wire line failure all of which Walker-Neer had supplied. Before leaving for Iraq I had, based on photographs and on the instructions ofmy boss, credited their account for their cost of ... Before I left for Mosul and because of the of the Kurdish rebels and their practice to capture and/ or kill some of theanbsp;...

Title:Thoughts and Gleanings
Author:Ralph Beall
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2013-02-25


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