They Called Us White Chinese

They Called Us White Chinese

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In a simple narrative style Robert N. Tharp tells the compelling story of himself a his wife, Evangeline, both of whom were born in the interior of China to missionary parents. In five books within one captivating volume, he describes the rich a intimate details of their everyday lives as they experience history-making events. Book I, 1913-33: Fascinating tales of an active youth in an exotic land. Book II, 1933-41: The war years: collapse of Manchuria to the Japanese a the Chinese Communists; marriage to childhood sweetheart, Eva; imprisonment a internment by Japanese. Book III, 1942-47: Repatriation a assignment to India; monitoring of Japanese puppet Chinese-language broadcasts to the West; writing a broadcasting counter-propaganda warfare. Book IV, 1947-48: Return to missionary work in Manchuria; dangerous flight a escape from Communist threat; voyage to the United States. Book V, 1948-Present: Immigration classification as qWhite Chineseq; deportation procedures started but averted by urgent U.S. Government need for instructors of Mandarin Chinese for intelligence personnel; development a administration of innovative language programs a audio visual equipment; Army Language School, Yale University, a Defense Language Institute; unique retirement activities.The Story of a Lifetime of Service to God and Mankind Robert N. Tharp ... We then harnessed up the horse from the droshky to the front bumper, and with the villagers pushing from behind, we got the car ... me to Tientsin a€” a two-day journey by train and bus a€” and my good friend Bob McCann at the Dodge agency there ran a very ... How in the world was I going to get them out to replace the axle shaft?

Title:They Called Us White Chinese
Author:Robert N. Tharp
Publisher:Eva E Tharp Publications - 1994-01-01


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