Thermodynamics In Nuclear Power Plant Systems

Thermodynamics In Nuclear Power Plant Systems

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This book covers the fundamentals of thermodynamics required to understand electrical power generation systems, honing in on the application of these principles to nuclear reactor power systems. It includes all the necessary information regarding the fundamental laws to gain a complete understanding and apply them specifically to the challenges of operating nuclear plants. Beginning with definitions of thermodynamic variables such as temperature, pressure and specific volume, the book then explains the laws in detail, focusing on pivotal concepts such as enthalpy and entropy, irreversibility, availability, and Maxwell relations. Specific applications of the fundamentals to Brayton and Rankine cycles for power generation are considered in-depth, in support of the booka€™s core goal- providing an examination of how the thermodynamic principles are applied to the design, operation and safety analysis of current and projected reactor systems. Detailed appendices cover metric and English system units and conversions, detailed steam and gas tables, heat transfer properties, and nuclear reactor system descriptions.Problems. Problem 18.1: A 1000 MW power plant is powered by nuclear fuel. Determined the amount of nuclear fuel consumed per year. ... Problem 18.4: A person trades in his Ford Taurus for a Ford Explorer. ... Accessed Dec 2005 10. 11.

Title:Thermodynamics In Nuclear Power Plant Systems
Author:Bahman Zohuri, Patrick McDaniel
Publisher:Springer - 2015-04-20


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