Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines 2

Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines 2

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Chapter 1 State-of-the-art and prospective.- Future and Potential of Diesel Injection Systems.-Present and Future of Heavy Duty Engines Strategies for Compliance to the Emission Legislation.- Chapter 2 Injection systems and spray formation.- Nozzle flow and spray characteristics from VCO diesel injector nozzles.- Development of a Transient Hydrogen Jet in a High-Swirl Constant Volume Chamber.- Experimental Validation of a Spray Breakup and Fuel Evaporation Models in High Pressure Ambient Conditions.- Modeling of Two-Phase Flows: An Eulerian Model for Diesel Injection.- Chapter 3 Combustion and Emissions.- Injection Pressure and Orifice Diameter Effects on Soot in DI Diesel Fuel Jets.- The Influence of Swirl and Injection Pressure on Post-Combustion Turbulence in a HSDI Diesel Engine.- Benefits of Water-Fuel Emulsion on Automotive Diesel Exhaust Emissions.- Combustion Development of Euro 4 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines.- Optimizing the Multiple Injection Settings on a HSDI Diesel Engine.- An Integrated Approach for the Design of Diesel Engine Exhaust Systems to meet Euro 4 and beyond Emissions Legislations.- Chapter 4 Engine Modelling.- Investigation Concerning the Effect of Post Fuel Injection on the Performance and Pollutants of Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Using a Multi-Zone combustion Model.- Development and Application of a Semi-Empirical NOx Model to Various HD Diesel Engines.- CFD for Combustion Chamber Development: Influence of Valve Pockets on the Combustion Process.- Optimization of IC Engine Design for Reduced Emissions Using CFD Modeling.- Analysis of Combustion Chamber Resonance in DI Automotive Diesel Engines.- Chapter 5 New Combustion Concepts.- Effect of Injection Conditions on Penetration and Drop Size of HCCI Diesel Sprays.- Mixture Formation and Combustion Control for Low Emission DI Diesel Combustion with HCCI-Characteristics.- A Study on Combustion Structure of Premixed Compression Ignition Diesel Engines.- Effect of Stratified Rich and High Turbulence Combustion on the Reduction of NOx and Particulate Emissions from a DI Diesel Engine.- Chapter 6 Experimental Techniques.- Optical Techniques for Diesel Spray and Combustion.- Optical Investigation of Injection Strategy and Swirl Number Effects on the Combustion Process in a Small HSDI Diesel Engine.- LIEF Measurement and Calculation Analysis of an Evaporating Spray.- Estimation of Diesel Particulate Emissions from Hydrocarbon Emissions and Smoke Opacity.When hydrogen is used in large size diesel engines, the direct-injection combustion regime appears most desirable for its low fuel consumption properties. In applying hydrogen as an alternative to diesel fuel, the behavior of hydrogen jets inanbsp;...

Title:Thermo- and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines 2
Author:James H. Whitelaw, Francisco Payri, C. Arcoumanis
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2004-01-23


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