There Is No Energy Problem

There Is No Energy Problem

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The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how our forward-looking and progressive nation can be free of dependence on limited energy sources, such as foreign oil. This book will define energy and describe its current uses and sources. We will ultimately recognize how we can economically and efficiently use the sun's energy to supply all of our current and future needs. The book begins by defining energy and then giving examples, such as hoisting a weight, pushing a piston, or boiling a pail of water. Some of the common forms of energy are known as kinetic, thermal, chemical, electrical, radiant, sound, stored, potential, and nuclear. These forms are described and exemplified. Concern is sometimes expressed that world energy is being qused up.q This is a meaningless concern. Here we will evaluate and quantify the world's principal energy usage (food, heat, transportation, and industrial processes), and consider the energy sources which provide this usage. A sensible and economically viable plan is then proposed and described for meeting all our energy needs. As we consider and examine various energy sources which mankind has available, we easily come to the most dramatic and most important source for a sensible energy policy: direct solar radiation. We would satisfy all U.S. energy requirements if we were able to capture and make use of one hundredth of 1% of all the solar energy intercepted by the earth. This is not a very difficulty thing to do. All we need is creative vision, governmental support, and the determination to become energy independent soon, and our sensible goals will be achieved completely and economically.One optional feature, now being offered in a number of hybrid a€c vehicles, is the ability to recharge the vehicle from a home ... we have seen the development of the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius, as well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles , anbsp;...

Title:There Is No Energy Problem
Author:Coleman Raphael
Publisher:Author House - 2011-09-12


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