"Then Tony Said to Junior... "

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Dale Earnhardt Sr., the intimidating driver who won seven NASCAR championships, crying? A big, bruising driver angrily slamming the hood of his race car with a pit tool? Drivers investing in a car that could cross a lake? Darrell Waltrip tossing pumpkins? Sardines in race cars? Yes, all that-and much more-is part of the storied history of NASCAR, a sport born on the dirt tracks of America and that commands interest on a national scale and in the boardrooms of major international corporations. qThen Tony Said to Junior...q explores the interesting inner workings, the trackside humor, and the unusual moments that have been a part of NASCAR's climb to national recognition. With a competition landscape that changes weekly and with a range of personalities from good ol' Southern boys to California speed demons, the sport is rich with stories and lore.a€œI had committed my money and my familya#39;s money [in the F1 effort], a€ Ambrose said. a€œI lost some ... That connection gave him his shot at NASCAR. a€œI was making ... I took advantage of my situation as a Ford driver in Australia. I won a couple of anbsp;...

Title:"Then Tony Said to Junior... "
Author:Mike Hembree
Publisher:Triumph Books - 2009-02-01


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