The Zen Gun

The Zen Gun

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Pout, the chimera, half-man, half-ape, was incorporated into one of the plants or vice versa. He was jammed into a squatting position, while the stems, entering at his buttocks, merged with his legs, his arms and his torso, emerging at knees, elbows, and through his abdomen and thorax. A large, yellow-petalled flower seemed to frame his face. It was his face that rivetted Ikematsu's attention, while the chimera squirmed in dumb distress, glaring with huge piteous eyes. For in that face, set into it as if set in pudding, was the zen gun. The gun was his face, or a part of it. The barrel pointed straight out in place of a nose... the stock merged with and disappeared into Pout's pendulous mouth. Ikematsu leaned toward the chimera. qHow you loved your toy! Now it is truly yours!qa€œThis is why the guna#39;s control is mental as well as manual. A pure ... When animals became your equals in society, with the same power of thought and speech and action, that struggle was ... Then he pointed up the hill to the craggy outline.

Title:The Zen Gun
Author:Barrington J. Bayley
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-07-25


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