The Wizard of the Golden Star

The Wizard of the Golden Star

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Death moved relentlessly through the forest. It would rend the boya€™s world, taking only a few moments to destroy his tranquility. Torn from his parents by the beast Gwaum, Arii's uncle Nerza rescued him, taking him to raise as his own son. Nerza noted the boy's potential and as Arii came of age, took him as his apprentice. The boy learned wizard craft quickly and become a powerful Wizard of the Golden Star. The young wizard's quest became apparent as his power grew. He lusted to destroy the beast Gwaum. The monster had shattered Arii's family. Arii would use all his craft to crush the monster. But first, the boy had to pass through the rigors of an apprentice of a Wizard of the Golden Star. This was not an easy task. To become one of Island World's most powerful wizards, he would have to master the lore of four powerful wizard orders. Once he did this, then his uncle would subject him to the task of learning the magic craft of the Order of the Wizards of the Golden Star. This was a quest begun by few, completed by fewer. The Wizard of the Golden Star is the first part of the Tale of the White Rock - A Wizard Fantasy Series. Island World is a tumultuous world dominated by a fearsome beast named Gwaum. The Tale of the White Rock chronicles the struggle of Gwaum and his nemesis Arii during their battle on the White Rock high atop Mt. Qui. There are four parts to the novel Tale of the White Rock. These are The Wizard of the Golden Star, the Rise of Gwaum, Promise of the White Rock and The Covenant.After Arii went to sleep, Zaleb went into the parlor and began cleaning up the mess. He looked at the broken window. The wooden wall of the house bowed out . No worry, he could fix the wall and get the window repaired. The boy had power.

Title:The Wizard of the Golden Star
Author:Paul R. Wonning
Publisher:Mossy Feet Books - 2012-01-06


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