The Wizard of Starship Poseidon

The Wizard of Starship Poseidon

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CONSPIRACY OF GENIUS His height barely reached five feet, his spindly legs supported a bulging chest, and his eyes protruded grotesquely from a gnome-like head - but within that absurd-looking man lay the mind of a genius. It was a genius that had carried mankind deep into the secrets of creation and was now on the verge of producing living organisms from test tubes filled with inert chemicals. The world, however, ridiculed the theories of Professor Cheslin Randolph and the government refused to advance the millions needed for the final series of experiments. But Professor Randolph was determined to get the money - even if it meant turning his powerful brain to robbing a spaceship in mid-flight, using trained viruses as his accomplices.I was blind. Ia#39;d calmly sat down for a decade waiting until some mossbound armchair bureaucrats in their generosity felt it expedient to hand me ... a€œThey fight a tough battle, a€ Mallow said, still able to feel aggrieved at the slight on his service.

Title:The Wizard of Starship Poseidon
Author:Kenneth Bulmer
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-07-02


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