The Wire and Philosophy

The Wire and Philosophy

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Examining the colliding realities of David Simon's Baltimore through philosophical lensesBy many accounts, HBO's 'The Wire' was and remains the greatest and most important television drama of all time. Conceived by writers David Simon and ex-Baltimore homicide detective Ed Burns, this five-season, sixty-episode 'tour de force' has raised the bar for compelling, intelligent television production. With each season addressing a different arena of life in the city of Baltimore, and eachseason's narratives tapping into those from previous seasons, 'The Wire' was able to reveal the overlapping, criss-crossing, and colliding realities that shape--if not --the people, institutions, and culture of the modern American city. 'The Wire and Philosophy' celebrates this show's realism as well as its intellectual and philosophical clarity. Selected philosophers who are fans of 'The Wire' tap into these conflicts and interconnections to expose the underlying philosophical issues and assumptions and pursue questions, such as, can cops really tell whether they are smarter than their perps? Or do they fall victim to intellectual vanity? Do individuals really have free will to resist the temptations--of gangs, of drugs, or corruption--that surround them? Is David Simon a modern-day Marx who sees capitalism leading ultimately to its own collapse, or is Baltimore's story uniquely its own?After negotiating with Detective Crutchfield on how much support he can provide, McNulty begins to explain how to fudge the paperwork. CRUTCHFIELD: Ita#39;s cool. I know the drill. MCNULTY: You do? CRUTCHFIELD: Youa#39;re doing good here, anbsp;...

Title:The Wire and Philosophy
Author:David Bzdak, Joanna Crosby, Seth Vannatta
Publisher:Open Court Publishing - 2013


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