The Wealth of Choices

The Wealth of Choices

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The world has been turned upside down. The economy is unpredictable. And ita€™s time for you to take control. Therea€™s no better guide to being a savvy buyer and a smart investor than Alan Murray, the Washington bureau chief of The Wall Street Journal. A clear and confident voice in times of chaotic change, Murray combines the big picture and street-smart tactics that will help you profit and live well. He begins with a perceptive overview of a rapidly changing economy, pointing out that even with the stock market zigging and zagging, the American economy is opening up more and more power to the individual consumer and investor. There is indeed a wealth of choices. Alan Murray doesna€™t just talk about the new economic landscapea€”he shows you how to live in it. Health care: The most potentially traumatic change will be in the relationship between you and your doctor. Murray explains what you need to know to be an effective consumer. Education: The price of a good education has gone sky high. But your mind is your most important investment. Murray shows how to cut costs and cut deals that will help you grow. Your job: The revolution in the workplace means that you have to think of yourself as a brand. Murray shows you how to compete and excel. Investing: a€œProfessional money managera€ is an oxymoron. Money managers dona€™t know much more than you do. Murray provides easy-to-use rules that will let you get great returns on your own. Retirement: Old age isna€™t what it used to be. Murray explains why the traditional three-legged stool (social security, private pension, personal saving) is ricketya€”and what to do about it. From the Trade Paperback edition.If you dona#39;t look for bargains, if you dona#39;t ask for a better price, then youa#39;ll pay through the nose. ... a€œJust say noa€ to the extras Rustproofing on your car, service contracts on electrical appliances, pre-paid gasoline in your rental cara€”these are allanbsp;...

Title:The Wealth of Choices
Author:Alan Murray
Publisher:Crown Business - 2002-02-05


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