The Way of Korean Zen

The Way of Korean Zen

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The power and simplicity of the Korean Zen tradition shine in this collection of teachings by a renowned modern master, translated by Martine Batchelor. Kusan Sunim provides a wealth of practical advice for students, particularly with regard to the uniquely Korean practice of hwadu, or sitting with questioning. An extensive introduction by Stephen Batchelor, author of Buddhism without Beliefs, provides both a biography of the author and a brief history of Korean Zen.On the life of Ta#39;aego, Seo Kyong-bo, A Study of Korean Zen Buddhism Approached through the Chodangjip (Ph.D. ... comments of Gaoan Shi-yuan ( Kao-an Shih-yuan), see D. T. Suzuki, A Manual of Zen Buddhism (Grove Press, 1960), pp. ... .In Korea, a stone lion is still found nowadays by the roadside at the entrance ofanbsp;...

Title:The Way of Korean Zen
Author:Kusan Sunim
Publisher:Shambhala Publications - 2013-06-18


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