The Walmart Cashier

The Walmart Cashier

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When ordinary people do extraordinary things, do they become extraordinary? When extraordinary people do ordinary things, do they go back to being ordinary? A question that Ronn Medow, a retired car salesman, who decided to do some post-retirement job at Walmart, has asked numerous times. Detailing his experiences as a cashier at Walmart, Ronn manages to inject humor in his usual encounters at the store. But he doesna€™t just stop at being a cashier. With his outspoken nature, he also talks about ways as to how the company could improve customer service and increase profits. Because this man believes that if you cana€™t be excellent, you can at least be competent.Even sixtyfive and seventyyearold people greeters are a deterrent to theft, but they were assigned to other duties. ... If a Walmart associate observes a customer who might be trying to steal from us, said associate is to find a salaried manager or the ... We can practice a€œaggressive customer servicea€ by asking the a€œcustomera€ if we can be of assistance or if we can help the a€œcustomera€ find an available cashier.

Title:The Walmart Cashier
Author:Ronn Medow
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-02-26


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