The Virtuous Consumer

The Virtuous Consumer

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Sure, there are people who chain themselves to old-growth trees, raise their one child diaper-free, and make their own soap. The Virtuous Consumer is for the rest of us, struggling to make choices that are better for the planet a€” and for us. Leslie Garrett has created a comprehensive reference guide that a€” like a smart, funny, and eco-conscious friend a€” will steer you toward ethical purchases for everything from lipstick to cars, kids' toys to a new mattress. The Virtuous Consumer is your key to shopping consciously and creating a simpler, greener lifestyle.Canada has also instituted the Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children, and ads on Canadian television must play by its rules, ... Take back the remote. ... Let them sit there all day looking at the sky, the trees, the birds. ... Look for rugs or carpeting thata#39;s natural-fiber or machine-washablea€”or is labeled Green Label Plus.

Title:The Virtuous Consumer
Author:Leslie Garrett
Publisher:New World Library - 2011-02-09


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