The Vigilante's Lover #3

The Vigilante's Lover #3

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The Vigilantes have obliterated Miaa€™s past, but Jax is her future The third volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight After the Vigilantes blow up Miaa€™s house, Jax knows he has to let her stay with him. Ita€™s the only way to protect her. If he can keep her safe at all. Mia knows her future belongs to Jax. She has no family, no home, and nothing to return to. If they dona€™t survive the next few days, shea€™ll still have tasted a life she never thought possible. With a kill order hanging over Jax, he and Mia have to stay one step ahead of the most powerful organization in the world. And theya€™re on their own. Even their trusted friends are off limits to avoid putting anyone else in danger. Jax has one shot at getting to the bottom of his ex-lovera€™s treachery a€” attending an MMA fight in Nashville where he will stage a Vigilante showdown. If he can keep them both alive.I have a feeling there is more to this story, but I dona#39;t get a chance to ask, because a phone call comes through. Jax presses a button, and the car fills with the sound of the arena inside. a€œThe fight we were ... a€œIa#39;m going to sync this car with my phone , a€ he says. a€œSo that Ia#39;m ... What do you mean use the car system?a€ Jax opensanbsp;...

Title:The Vigilante's Lover #3
Author:Annie Winters, Tony West
Publisher:Casey Shay Press - 2015-02-20


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