The Venice Code

The Venice Code

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FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR J. ROBERT KENNEDY A SEVEN HUNDRED YEAR OLD MYSTERY IS ABOUT TO BE SOLVED. BUT HOW MANY MUST DIE FIRST? A former President's son is kidnapped in a brazen attack on the streets of Potomac by the very ancient organization that murdered his father, convinced he knows the location of an item stolen from them by the late president. A close friend awakes from a coma with a message for archeology Professor James Acton from the same organization, sending him along with his fiancAce Professor Laura Palmer on a quest to find an object only rumored to exist, while trying desperately to keep one step ahead of a foe hell-bent on possessing it. And seven hundred years ago, the Mongol Empire threatens to fracture into civil war as the northern capital devolves into idol worship, the Khan sending in a trusted family to save the empirea€”two brothers and a son, Marco Polo, whose actions have ramifications that resonate to this day. From USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy comes The Venice Code, the latest installment of the hit James Acton Thrillers series. Join James Acton and his friends, including Delta Team Bravo and CIA Special Agent Dylan Kane in their greatest adventure yet, an adventure seven hundred years in the making. Available James Acton Thrillers: The Protocol, Brass Monkey, Broken Dove, The Templar's Relic, Flags of Sin, The Arab Fall, The Circle of Eight, The Venice Code, Pompeii's Ghosts, Amazon Burning, The Riddle, Blood RelicsHe was grabbed by a comrade and pulled tothe other side oftheir jeep, the other two providing cover fire as they retreated.Acton looked outthe back and saw no ... A quick scan up and down showedit empty. a€œWe still need a plan to get out ofanbsp;...

Title:The Venice Code
Author:J. Robert Kennedy
Publisher:J. Robert Kennedy - 2014-03-20


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