The Value of Nothing

The Value of Nothing

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* Detailed, easy-to-understand explanations and evaluations of every method * Pulls no punches on strengths and weaknesses of each * Every method is related to the real world * Shows in detail how to use each method without shirking on the theory Managers, consultants, and students will learn how to master advanced business valuation--understanding the benefits, limits and uses of each method and how they interplay in the real world as well as how to use them in everyday business situations. You can develop a technique and an eye for what is significant as well as a good working knowledge of relevant history. Eventually, you'll be able to value widely differing businesses without controversy or huge cost and to choose the right methods for each case. Types of valuation covered: discounted cash flow; WACC; Excess Earnings; CFROI; EVATM, dividends and real options; asset valuations; valuations using ratios; and qrule of thumbq valuation models. This book is for business owners, venture capitalists, accountants, consultants, management trainees, and investors.(4.5m- l.65C)* l.05 = 3.3m Solving for C gives the value of the call at $0. ... This synthetic probability would then have been used to compute the expected payoff on the option, and this payoff would have been ... The PwC High-Tech Toolkit, about which one hears a great deal less these days than in the late l 990s, wasanbsp;...

Title:The Value of Nothing
Author:Julian Roche
Publisher:Global Professional Publishi - 2005


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