The Value of a Dollar

The Value of a Dollar

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This long-awaited revision of the highly regarded The Value of a Dollar details the prices of thousands of items from 1860 to 2009. The Value of a Dollar records the actual prices of thousands of items that consumers purchased, from the Civil War to the present, along with facts about investment options and income opportunities. This third edition boasts a new section on Trends. This informative new section looks at pricing trends for over 100 items, including fashion, coffee, and cars, over long periods of time, and graphs these changes. This section also includes advertisements throughout the years and interesting product facts. This is all in addition to a new easy-to-read format, a brand new chapter for 2004-2009, hundreds of additions to original chapters, and hundreds of new illustrations. Organized into 5-year chapters from 1860 to 2009, each chapter details Historical Snapshots, Consumer Expenditures, Investments, Selected Income, Income/Standard Jobs, Food Basket, Standard Prices and Miscellany. The Value of a Dollar is a must for a wide range of curriculums, a useful reference for news feature writers and an important scholastic reference that will be referred to time and time again. Perfect for anyone curious about social history: students, writers, business historians, teachers, reporters and more. This interesting and useful publication will be widely used in any reference collection.... Appliances Two $18 Air Conditioner Chicago Tribune Sears window air conditioner $99.99 (2004) Blender New York Times ... manual control, 16, 000 Times to 31, 500 BTU $399 (2004) Gas Grill The State The Big Easy, 36, 000 BTU gas grill and smoker ... adjustable temperature $29.99 Heater New York Times Toastmaster; fully automatic compact heater; thermo(2004) ... desk or wall mount; regular $70 $49.99 Item Source Description Price Television Sears Flyer Samsung 42 inch.

Title:The Value of a Dollar
Author:Scott Derks
Publisher:Grey House Pub - 2009


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