The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide

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Put the Odds in Your Favor! Train like a Tribute before you enter the Arena using this wilderness survival guide--you don't have to live in Panem to put these survival skills to use. Experience the adventure of life in District 12 by learning and practicing the survival skills used by Katniss, Peeta, Gale and their friends. Some of the survival skills you'll learn: Building temporary shelters to protect from rain, cold, wind and sun. Finding and purifying water--even when there are no streams or lakes nearby. Building and using fire for cooking, signaling, warmth and making tools. Identifying and cooking wild edible plants. Building Gale's famous twitch-up snares. Peeta's camouflage techniques. Katniss's hunting and stalking skills. Making your own survival bow and arrows and other tools. The materials you need to create a forage bag like Katniss's. Survival first aid. Navigation tips and tricks for travel, rescue and evasion. Detailed photos and step-by-step instructions will help you master each skill. The real-life skills found in The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide will help you in any wilderness or disaster survival situation. Start your training today.HUNGER GamES wiLdeRnESs SURVIVaL GUIDE CREeK STEWART THIS BOo K IS UNOFf ICIAL AND UNAUTHORIZED. IT IS NOT AUTHORIZED, APp ROVED, LICENSED, OR ENDORSED BY SUZANn E COLl INS, HER PUBLISHERS, OR ... THE UNOFfICiaL LIVING READY BOOKS IOLA, WISCONSIN www.

Title:The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide
Author:Creek Stewart
Publisher:Betterway Books - 2013-05-03


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