The Un-Natural

The Un-Natural

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The Un-Natural opens with a radio broadcast of a major league baseball game. Eighteen-year-old pitching phenomenon Josh Brady has been brought up from the team's triple A affiliate to fill in for injured pitchers. It's only been weeks since he showed up as a walk-on at an open tryout, and his farm team pitching coach worries this move could cause more harm than good. Much to everyone's surprise, Josh pitches a perfect no-hit game and gets three extra base hits, including a grand slam homer in his first major league at bat! After his stellar performance, no one wants to send Josh back to the minors. He's surrounded by sports writers clamoring for more information. But Josh Brady isn't who he appears to be. In fact, he was born Raymond Fitzpatrick nearly eight decades ago during the great depression. Raised by his single mother in Paterson, New Jersey, Raymond was often left to entertain himself. He became a great baseball fan, but lacking athletic ability, was always picked last. Undaunted, he played whenever he could. Raymond was often the butt of bullying and was told he wasn't very bright. A school assignment led to his second lifelong love, which was science fiction. How did Raymond become Josh? Find out in The Un-Natural, a story that's a winner in every way! Michael Alan Grapin is a retail merchant in Paramus, New Jersey. He married his high school sweetheart and is an avid baseball fan. qMuch like the main character in my book, I was born and raised in New Jersey and have lived here my entire life.q Publisher's website: http: // had changed quite a bit in the sixty or so years since I took my drivers exam in New Jersey. For one thing, a€œwrittena€ was just an expression. The exam was actually administered by way of a touch-screen computer. A question came up, anbsp;...

Title:The Un-Natural
Author:Michael Alan Grapin
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2013-09


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